Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bangla Preview Problem ? [Use Avro Keyboard]

We have a common problem to view and write Bangla on web.

Only the unicode supported system can perform those task smoothly.
If there are any problem to view Bangla Font in web, please download those unicode fonts. And copy them, then go
“C:\Windows\Fonts” [Windows XP]
“C:\WinNT\Fonts” [Windows 2000]
and paste them.

Fonts : Siyam Rupali, SolaimanLipi, Vrinda, Mohua, Bangsee Alpona.
Now, you have the Unicode font in your system.

Thousand Dollar Question : Do Your System Support Unicode?
Yes or No, whatever may your answar is, Download and Install the below softs.
Softs : Avro Keyboard 4.5.1, iComplex 2.0.0.

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