Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IComplex 2.0.0 (Full Edition)


License: Freeware!

Most of the time, when a new user tries to use Bangla on their system, complains that Bangla typing is not working in his/her system, Juktakkhor/Kar is not coming properly etc. This is the mostly asked support request in OmicronLab. All they make a simple mistake, that is, there system must be configured be fore they can use Bangla. Hence Bangla (and all east Asian languages) is a "complex script", it is not installed in Windows by default. Users need to install this support manually till Windows Xp (Windows Vista installs this by default).

All these days we are writing and publishing tutorials about "How to enable Bangla on your system". Here comes a simpler solution - IComplex. Within a simple interface, users can install/uninstall complex script support in their system. Now there is no need to bother with Control Panel>Regional settings, just use IComplex, enjoy the simplicity!

At a glance:

* Install Complex Script support (Bangla and all east Asian languages) on your system.
* Unstall Complex Script support anytime.

Who can be benefited:

* Any one, who wants to use Bangla Unicode (and all east Asian languages) based software (like Avro Keyboard).

* Software developers, who develop softwares for Bangla (and all east Asian languages) and want to let their users a simple method to enable this language.

* Bangla (and all east Asian languages) web page developers, who can distribute this tool to their visitors so that they can view the site properly.

Requirement: Windows 2000, Xp, 2003 Server

Download: Click here to download

Disclaimer: IComplex Full Edition doesn't require Windows CD because necessary system files are included in this package. Although this tool will work in any system (there is no genuine Windows version check), it is highly recommended that you will use original Windows if you don't want to break copyright law. Lite version of IComplex can be found here

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