Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Avro Keyboard v4.5.1 (Portable Edition)

Avro Keyboard Portable Edition is the first ever Bangla software with portability. It has all the necessary features of Avro Keyboard, but the only difference is, unlike the standard edition, it doesn't need any installation, any font, any administrator access to the computer. Users can take it in there removable media like USB flash drives or iPods and run anywhere.

At a glance:

* - No Installation Needed

* - No Administrator Access Needed

* - No Bangla Fonts Needed, portable edition has built in Automatic Virtual Font Installer

* - Carry it in any media (like USB drives), use directly, use anywhere

* - All your settings/personalizations remain intact

* - Has all the features of Avro Keyboard Standard Edition.

At a glance:

* Download from below.

* Extract files.

* Carry the extracted files & folders together anywhere you need and directly run Avro Keyboard.

* Note: Some Anti-virus softwares may show warning about this portable edition due to presence of highly compressed and packed execurable. OmicronLab ensures that this is just a false positive warning and there is nothing to worry about.

Mirror 1: Download Portable Avro Keyboard (Courtesy: Niponwave )
Mirror 2: Download Portable Avro Keyboard (Courtesy: Maruf42 )
Mirror 3: Download Portable Avro Keyboard (Courtesy: Projanmo - Incredible Bangla Portal)
Mirror 4: Download Portable Avro Keyboard

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